Selling On Million Rigs Is Easy – These Tips Make It Easy And Fast

Million Rigs Marketplace is the best place to sell your truck or SUV and we designed it to be easy, but good images can make sales happen fast!

A Picture is worth a thousand words…

…then it makes sense to post great images to give potential buyers a good reason to get in contact with you.  Every listing can have up to 11 images and up to 6MB each so you have plenty of space to upload great images. IAnd, getting a great image is pretty easy to do – just follow the below ideas and your listing will look amazing and drive a lot of interest.

For all images, make sure you have a good lighting if possible.  Taking pictures in daylight hours is ideal.

1. Take a level image of the truck from far enough back so no part of the truck is cut off.  This will be the first image somebody sees and will grab their attention. Do’s: Get the whole truck, side view is best, keep it level Dont’s: No weird angles, no warping the image, no filters.  See examples below:

2. Photograph the other 3 sides of the truck (front, back, driver side or passenger side) and take the picture far enough back to get the whole truck in the frame.  For the front and back you may want to take it where you get two sides of the truck.  No weird angles or creatively warping the image.

3. Capture 2 to 4 interior shots, depending on vehicle.

4.  So if you’ve done the first 3 steps above, then you have roughly 3 to 5 photos left to show off the truck or call out anything important. Also, if you want to have some creative shots these are the slot to do that with.  Some ideas are: Engine bay, undercarriage, any notable blemishes or rust spots, unique features for the model year, or upgrades (wheels, tires, lighting, audio, paint detials, etc.)