How To Have A Safe Selling Experience

We wish that all sellers and buyers would be good trustworthy humans, however some may not be.  So, please take the proper precautions when buying from or selling to individuals on the Million Rigs website.

Here are several recommended ways to interact with others during the buying and selling process

  1. Insist on a public meeting place like bank or shopping center.
  2. Do not meet in a secluded or dimly lit place.
  3. Tell a friend or family member where you’re going, or better yet take a friend with you.
  4. Take your cell phone along.
  5. Trust your gut.

For more information about staying safe online, check out these resources:

Please review these tips from the FTC for avoiding scams at

Report suspicious users, listings, interactions, fraud, or any other listing or user concern to and/or the proper authorities.  For emergencies please contact your local authorities, do not contact Million Rigs support.