Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting the MillionRigs website and we are glad that you are here.  We have assemble the most frequently asked questions to streamline your experience on our site.  Please find the answers below.

1. How is Million Rigs Marketplace different than Craigslist or Facebook

We’re dedicated to the coolest rigs and other are not. Million Rigs mission is to provide an opportunity for truck enthusiast, whether offroad or not, to find the coolest content on trucks. Our marketplace to buy/sell is only a part of why people love us. We publish videos, blogs, a newsletter, and a marketplace to buy/sell trucks.  The difference is that Million Rigs Marketplace creates an opportunity reach more engaged buyers across the country that may be looking for a truck or SUV just like yours.  This creates higher sales values and quicker sales than other platforms.

2. Does Million Rigs Advertise My Listing?

We do not advertise every listing. However, our mission is for truck enthusiasts to rely on Million Rigs to provide the best content on cool trucks.  So, on occasion we select particularly great listings and promote them on our social networks, email distribution, and paid advertising on the internet.  Please see our terms and conditions for more details

3. Does posting my truck on Million Rigs cost money?

At this time we do not charge anyone to list their truck on

4. What information is collected about me and how is it used?

  1. Million Rigs collects information to improve your user experience on our site.
  2. We do not sell any user information.

Our privacy policy details what information is collected and how we use it.

5. What are Million Rigs social media channels?

Facebook Page:

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6. How does Million Rigs attract people to view my listing?

Million Rigs engages with truck enthusiasts through a number of means to create a highly engage audience on our website.  We visit truck shows and events, advertise on various platforms to drive thousands of website views every month.

If you still have a question for us, please email or submit a question on our contact page.